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Photo Courtesy of Dr. Garaman

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Garaman



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Dr. Sharene Garaman Psy.D.
We are extremely fortunate to have Dr. Sharene Garaman continue to lecture for us as a part of our ongoing effort to help riders enhance their working relationship with their equine partners. Her significant background in Sports Psychology provides a deeper understanding of the mental preparation of riding. Whether you want to be a tougher competitor or learn how communicate more effectively with your instructor, Dr. Garaman's lectures will be of great benefit.For more information on how to sign up for a clinic please contact me at krismontdressage@cox.net

Visit Dr. Garaman online at: http://www.padmapani.net

I recently attended a clinic with Michael Poulin. Allegro and I gained a great deal from the experience. Michael Poulin is a wonderful instructor and helped Ali and I with some of the more difficult collection in the Grand Prix.



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