Photo Courtesy of Dr. Garaman

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Garaman


Dr. Sharene Garaman Psy.D. 

Credentials: Dr. Garaman is a clinical and consulting psychologist in private practice in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Her focus is on psychological rejuvenation for corporations and individuals. Dr. Garaman has been involved in athletics all her life including competitive tennis, jazz dance, skiing, and cycling to name a few. Her passion is riding. She has ridden with many clinicians including Kris Montgomery, Janet Brown, Bob McDonald, and current World Cup Belgian dressage rider Guillaume Ducos.

Dr. Sharene Garaman, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Garaman, who is a dressage rider herself, is presenting a series of lectures throughout Virginia. These lectures are designed to facilitate training and address the most common concerns of riders and instructors. Rider enjoyment is paramount in this series. The following topics will be covered in the order presented. This series is open to all riders, instructors and interested parties.

Rider Profiles-How personality traits (anxiety, perfectionism, etc.) effect your riding and your relationship with your instructor.

Student/Instructor Relationships-Frequently asked questions.

Communicating with Your Trainer More Effectively and Honestly

Riding in the ZONE


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